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Q Have headache everyday, feeling worst during 10am to 12pm. Taking CoQ10, B2 and Magnesium, Amitriptyline and Metoprolol but still headache.

A Hi there. That's a big hindrance to quality of life. It's difficult to advise you without knowing a bit more: have you had proper investigation for structural and organic causes for your headaches? Have you considered that your morning routine might be impacting on your "worst time of the day"? What is your digestion like? Do you also have other problems?
I work very holistically and without seeing the full picture it is difficult to advise.
You may need some remedial body work, or you may have a digestive or detoxification problem that should be addressed. Or any combination of contributing factors.
Let us know if we can be of further assistance.
Kind regards
Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 07-12-2014;
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A Some questions:
Do you drink much coffee?
Do you drink enough good quality water?
What job do you do?
Have you considered getting a deep tissue massage?
Why are you taking those particular meds?
If you email me the answers we can create a plan to help relieve those headaches.
Answered by: Your Essential Wellbeing;
Answered on: 07-12-2014;
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A Hi - sorry to hear you are suffering. Headaches are usually either mechanical or chemical. So, if you are well hydrated, not reacting to foods or other toxins and you are supplementing well as you have noted, then it may not be a headache from a chemical imbalance. Certainly you do not have a headache due to an Amytriptyline or Metoprolol 'deficiency'. It may be that you have a CERVICOGENIC headache. This means that the headache is MECHANICAL and related to joint or muscle dysfunction that causes nerve irritation and changes in the blood flow and nerve flow in your head. If it is mechanical, Chiropractic care will sort it within a few days. If the Chiropractic care does not solve the headache in a few days, then it makes sense to keep chasing a chemical cause. Happy to help if you like. We have clinics in Albany and Auckland. Cheers,
Dr. Cherye Roche - Doctor of Chiropractic (USA). - Please see the option of a free 'Discovery Session' on the website.
Answered by: The Gait Doctor;
Answered on: 07-12-2014;
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