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Q I need and want to lose 10kg, have tried everything else. Thanks Jan

A Hi Jan, I work with clients just like you who need to lose weight and keep it off. They have often tried every diet or programme out there... they lose some weight but can't maintain it and it becomes a very vicious cycle, and so frustrating and demoralising too. I work with clients face to face or via Skype and have lots of different options according to your needs. Please go to my details here on The Wellness Directory or to my website www.outcomesunlimited.co.nz
Kind regards, Linda Wells
Answered by: Outcomes Unlimited;
Answered on: 20-02-2015;
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A Hi Jan , Hypnotherapy works with releasing weight, as it is subconscious programming that is underlying in storing fat on the body. Where are you? As maybe able to refer you to a good Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Answered by: Ruby's Delight Wellness & Retreat Centre;
Answered on: 10-02-2015;
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