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Q My niece has recently been diagnosed with Pcos. Since the diagnosis she has started to self harm.She was put on anti depressents but they elevated her moods so she was taken off them. C an you offer any advice on what she could take to sort out her hormones which is what I think is the problem due to Pcos.

A Hi there. I'm not sure if you have found a direction (I've been out of the country).
Where in NZ are you? Feel free to contact us on so we can better support you in your question.
Answered by: House of Health Ltd; Answered on: 10-07-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
A We would suggest that you see Dr Vanessa Ingraham for an initial assessment, Vanessa specializes in female health and hormonal dis-balance respectively.
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A Hi there,

As with every dis-ease (including PCOS) our emotions play such an integral part. It's said that 'our emotions kick-start our genes'.

I feel for your niece and the whole family. I admire you for reaching out and seeking advice in ways that can be very easily combined with the more 'well known' medical systems.

I'm a Complementary Therapist who has been using Kinesiology techniques for the past 20years to approach life's issues.

If you would like to consider having a complimentary 15 minute chat, with absolutely no obligations, I would be happy to speak to you about possible approaches.

Feel free to call me on 021 88 36 89 or email me at

My website is

Warm wishes, Judith Paterson.
Answered by: Positive Life Balance; Answered on: 27-06-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
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