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Submitted on: 30-08-2017; Answers: 4; Tagged under: Weight Management       ✘ Report abuse
Q Due to severe bowel problems it was recommended that I go gluten free. I have found that this has helped me immensely but notice I'm losing a lot of weight. What can I eat to stabilise my weight loss. Thanks Heather

A Dear Heather,

The answers of the previous experienced Practitioners provide you with some great information. I totally agree with the previous comments that you need to look into why your body wasn't tolerating Gluten and if there are any other food reactors or even cross contamination of gluten in other foods. Substituting to packaged Gluten Free foods means you are still not getting the nutrients required to reduce inflammation and repair & grow the body.
You could also have some layers of intestinal infections that you are presenting or even shedding since the removal of gluten. Intestinal Parasites are very good at stealing our nutrients from our food & body. Parasites can also cause weight lost as they steal vital nutrients that are needed from by the body.
I would suggest making sure you don't have any underlying intestinal or systemic infections as they can also cause bowel problems and inflammation. Then making sure that you are getting good healthy fats & proteins from whole foods (veggies, fruit, meat, poultry, fish, eggs & organ meats) in every meal instead of going for the packet gluten free foods.
Answered by: The Healing Room Tauranga; Answered on: 05-09-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hello Heather, You don't mention how long you have been Gluten Free for. It can take a little while for your body to normalize. I lost weight for several months as everything improved. You may also need to improve gastric digestion and mineral absorption. Are you now using other grains as replacements for gluten. Rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa or sorghum are great options. There is lot more to being healthy than just taking gluten out of your diet.
Answered by: Carolyn Mettrick - North Shore Nutrition; Answered on: 04-09-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hi Heather,

I'm very pleased you have approached the Wellness Directory with your question.

I agree with the advice given by the House of Health and, I too, am thrilled that you have already experienced an improvement.

Just to remove a particular food from the diet in the hope that things will 'sort themselves out' can sometimes be very frustrating in that other foods that may be causing irritations in the gut are missed.

When there has been irritation leading to inflammation of the gut lining we need to consider supporting the intestinal walls to make sure you don't lose a lot of the goodness from the foods you're eating.

If you would like to call me for a free 15minute chat to see whether you feel I may be able to support your next steps, please feel free to call me on 021883689 and maybe check out my website www.positivelifebalance.com

Cheers, Judith Paterson
Answered by: Positive Life Balance; Answered on: 30-08-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hi Heather
It's great that you're feeling better without gluten. Fortunately in New Zealand there are a number of ways to get the missing calories with a large range of gluten-free breads, cereals and pastas on the market.

However, of concern to me is the fact that gluten seems to be a factor without a full appraisal of why. For example, gluten intolerance can indicate an autoimmune condition or a gut bacterial problem. While avoiding gluten is the recommended treatment for the former, the latter will often result in temporary or partial improvement, with symptoms reemerging when the bacteria adapt to whatever else you are eating.

When this happens the diet gets narrower and narrower as foods are eliminated. In reality food is seldom the problem, but often exacerbates a problem.

Feel free to contact me if you want more information - I specialise in finding out the WHY behind digestive dysfunction.
Answered by: House of Health Ltd; Answered on: 30-08-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
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