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Q Random acid reflux. Can't pinpoint a corelation to food taking.

A Hi, reflux particularly if it is random, can result as symptom of stress, or the answers given below. If you find that it comes on particularly after stressful times, then it may be the key. People tend to think too much acid in the stomach can be the cause, however it can be too little, as happens with stress. If the natural acid levels in the stomach are too low, food will ferment and the build up of gas will cause reflux to occur. It is most common for New Zealanders to be under acid than over according to research. If you have a lot of belching with the reflux it can be an indication of fermentation. Digestive enzymes can that contain betaine hydrochloride, plus enzymes to aid the digestion of carbohydrates and protein can be very beneficial. But a full history and details of your symptoms will be valuable to really find the probable cause would be recommended. Agree with the Slippery Elm or licorice for symptom relief. Cheers - Ruth
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A Reflux can be related to a number of issues - an organism commonly found in the stomach, called Helicobacter pylori, for example. This is easily diagnosed (or eliminated as a cause) by a blood test. Other reasons can be inadequate stomach function (causing food to sit/be poorly digested and ferment), and also an imbalance of bacteria in the small intestine - which also causes an acid build-up.
In order to identify and eliminate the cause of your problem, I recommend you see a qualified natural medicine practitioner who can work with you systematically to isolate the cause.
In the meantime, while slippery elm will help relieve the symptoms and aloe vera juice will help heal and protect the oesophagus from the effect of the acid (VERY important), neither are addressing the cause.
Best wishes.
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A Reflux is caused by an imbalance in the solar area of the body, a pranic healing will help correct this balance. You can also try taking himalayan salt in water or honey with cinnamon powder, organic cider vinegar before meals is also a helpful hint for you. All the best.
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A I know from personal experience that either Osteopathy (someone who does Cranio-sacral osteopathy) or Traditional Chinese Acupuncture both are very helpful. When searching some answers for a colleague I found this website .. maybe you could use this information to search for something similar in your own area..

I wish you the best of luck
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