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Q history how has nutrition affected Osteoprosis

A Sharon has given an excellent response to this query. I'd like to add that the Egyptians were big on grains, especially the 'royals'. That's not to say that grain per se is responsible for osetoporosis, more likely the lack of adequate nutrition due to the overconsumption of the delicious, sweet grain is at the root of the problem.
Nowadays highly processed grain is consumed like 'polyfilla' and it's sad to see vast numbers of people suffering from malnutrition as a result. In addition people in Western Nations tend to consume food deficient in vitamins and minerals. This creates deficiency diseases that ultimately manifest in any number of degenerative disorders, like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.
If you're looking for a solution to osteoporosis, follow Sharon's advice: get some safe exposure to sun, engage in quality weight-bearing exercise and make sure you consume adequate quantities of minerals and vitamins.
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Answered on: 23-11-2012;
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A I'm not sure what you mean by "history" - are you asking if the change in people's nutrition over time has changed the rates or severity of osteoporosis?
Evidence of osteoporosis has been found in egyptian mummies - so it existed in Egypt some 4,00 years ago.
What's important to understand about this condition is that while nutrition is an important factor, it is not the only influence on risk. Inadequate sun exposure, insufficient weight-bearing exercise (particularly during the growing years), long periods of illness causing frailty/light frame, and so on. Even smoking increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.

One thing we do know, is that dairy consumption (or lack thereof) is not a predictor of risk.

I hope this answers your question.

All the best, Sharon
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Answered on: 22-11-2012;
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