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»Pranic Applications
As an Associate Certificated Pranic Healer and Registered Teacher of the Pranic Applications here in NZ and worldwide, this is the main focus of my work. Pranic Applications goes beyond just mental or physical or even emotional healing. It provides the right training and scope for those who are interested in spiritual practises, and offers a structured platform for achieving illumination through Soul-realisation and later God-realisation. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has scientifically tested and validated this form of healing with 20 years of research and enhances further with the applications authored by Dr Hazel Wardha. It is non-touch, non-toxic, safe and effective. Proof of  modality is evident with thousands of testimonials being written. Work is performed without touching the client who is fully clothed during the consultation.

»Pranic Feng Shui

Benefits: Allows fresh energy to enter into your home or work place, unblocks obstacles in life, attracts more prosperity, sense of balance and harmony, more control of your life and feelings, better academic performance, more success, boosts romance, avoids negative energies creating bad luck, opens the right pathway for good energy to enter and more. Very different to other feng-shui methods.

»Pranic Application Classes
Classes are held in different areas throughout NZ on a regular basis. Dates are on the website of upcoming courses.

»Ifas High Frequency Therapy
A machine that promotes increased circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, stimulates the nervous system, regenerates damaged tissue and slows muscle deterioration, aids bodily functions and stimulates organs, is totally natural, has no side effects, and will not interfere with other medical treatments.

»Releasing and Forgiving Therapy
Many situations in life can be stored in the sub-conscious such as outspoken words, rape situations, negative thoughts, negative emotions and other areas that occur during a life span. Once forgiving and releasing has taken place individuals are able to move on with their life.

»Love Therapy
Unfortunately people find it hard to love themselves, in-depth help is given to bring love back into the heart area for peace, contentment and security. Come and learn this easy system that will change your life. Taught and explained during consultations if the need arises.

»Natural Healthcare
I am certificated in areas of nutrition and able to help in the area of supplementations, foods, products etc.

»Super Brain Yoga
A simple easy exercise to activate and energise the cells of the brain for co-ordination, clarity and more. Very beneficial to do on a daily basis for 2 minutes. Also helps  Down Syndromes, ADD, Autism and others. This is taught at the pranic application workshops that are held.

Bust Lifts
Bust Lifts are performed without touching and without surgery. Taught in the pranic apps course.

Hip & Tummy Tucks
Protocols for these to reduce the sizes in these areas of the body are performed without touching the body.

Face Lifts
Wrinkles, rashes, skin pigmentations and more achieved without surgery and without touching the body.


How would you like to have more kilometers when you travel on less fuel,  protocol taught during a course



Pot of Gold
As the Hamilton agent for this amazing product I endorse this to help with all skin conditions. Testimonials for the benefits for eczema, psoriasis, burns, bites and more can be seen on www.potofgoldskinbalm.co.nz. I am happy to courier or have pick ups. Check out the promotion on my offers page.

Pure South Clay Detox - Masque - Body Wrap - Sunscreen 15+. All products are 100% natural made in NZ. Benefits of using clay - relief from reflux, pain in joints, chronic constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, ulcers, a surge in physical energy, better sleep, clear complexion, enhance alertness, emotional uplift, improved tissue and gum repair, increased resistance to infection, skin eruptions, regular bowel movements are only some of the benefits. All products are safe to use, a great natural healer 


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Faye Taylor - Rainbow Mountain Therapies
Faye Taylor
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