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ThetaHealing™ is an amazing technique that can empower your life; allowing you to change your unconscious programs; bringing wealth, health, happiness & wellbeing into your life.  ThetaHealing™ uses the meditational ‘Theta’ brainwave to co-create physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing with focused thoughts and prayers through the Creator of All That Is.

Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing™ is a grandmother, a healer, an intuitive, an artist, a writer and a teacher who has developed the ability to see clearly into the human body and create changes. Having experienced a spontaneous remission of her own cancer in 1995, Vianna has learned and teaches ThetaHealers® how to connect with the “Creator of All That Is” energy to co-create and facilitate wellbeing processes called ThetaHealing™. 

ThetaHealing™ is now practiced and taught in fourteen countries around the world.

ThetaHealing™ is both an intuitive & therapeutic technique, providing you with your own personal self help guide to develop change in all areas of your life.

With the assistance of an experienced ThetaHealer® you can work on issues as wide ranging as depression and back pain to cancer or abuse; relationships and finding your soul mate to manifesting abundance of all things into your life; from spiritual development and awareness to joy, peace and happiness.


The aim of a ThetaHealing session is to resolve the origin of any issues that a client brings to the session, such a physical illness or condition, an emotional or spiritual issue. Or alternatively, a practitioner may ask the question: “If there is anything in your life you would want to change what would it be?” What follows is a process that is unique to each individual but uses approved ThetaHealing™ processes.

Sessions are conducted with the ThetaHealer and the clients comfortably seated facing each other. It’s usual for the practitioner to hold one or both hands of the client when doing the energy healing. Whilst healing is happening the client can relax, with their eyes opened or closed.

To do the ThetaHealing, ThetaHealers® quickly achieve a meditational ‘theta’ brainwave, then use a combination of focused thought, prayer and visualisation.  Some clients experience changes very quickly; or it may follow an interactive conversational process to identify and unblock belief systems held in your unconscious mind that are holding your issue or condition in place. Once these beliefs are quickly and gently cleared, it’s amazing how much healing can flow into your space.

All ages from babies, children to teens and seniors can benefit from ThetaHealing™ sessions and ThetaHealing™ can also be done on animals.

Clients describe a variety of responses to sessions ranging from instantaneous relief of symptoms, to feeling emotionally balanced yet happy, to feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘clearer’ – positively different even if they can’t put their finger on it! 

A great deal of positive changes can be achieved in one session, but it’s also important to realise that a lifetime of developing an issue can deserve several sessions to follow through to complete the ThetaHealing. No set numbers of sessions are required, most practitioners allow their clients to decide when they would like to return, or occasionally suggest their client return if it would be beneficial.

Sessions are generally one hour and can be conducted in person or via distant healing. ThetaHealing™ techniques or sessions are not meant to be a substitute for professional medical care or treatment, but work well alongside conventional and alternative processes.


Always take the time to find the right ThetaHealer® to work with. Feel free to ask them questions about experience and qualifications, so you feel satisfied with your choice. Most Teachers work as ThetaHealers®/Practitioners and they are also available for personal ThetaHealing sessions.

All practicing ThetaHealers® should be recertified about every four years to stay current with best practice and conduct their sessions in accordance with the highest ethical standards. 

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provides a ready-made referral list of certified practitioners within your region. We fully encourage you to do some independent research by checking out individual credentials, i.e. experience, training, qualifications, relevant client feedback and so forth.

It’s also recommended you visit This is the official site for New Zealand and will guide you to well-qualified ThetaHealers®.

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To read more and to find details of the best local teacher for you, please visit the official ThetaHealing™ New Zealand website: - See more at:

You can also visit Vianna Stibal’s website for the ThetaHealing™ Institute of Knowledge”: for Vianna’s teaching schedule and to find ThetaHealers™ in other countries around the world.


Many clients experience a ThetaHealing session and become so excited about this modality that they join a class to learn this wonderful technique for themselves.

It’s possible for anyone to learn how to do this process for themselves. For a good understanding and proper guidance, it’s recommended you take a class with a Certified ThetaHealing™ Teacher; or alternatively you can introduce yourself to ThetaHealing by purchasing a variety of books, DVD’s and CD’s on ThetaHealing™.

Vianna Stibal personally certifies her ThetaHealing™ Teachers every four years, then these teachers can teach you the Practitioner level courses.

There are many levels of teaching qualifications available, from Basic ThetaHealing™ to the highest qualification of a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing™.

To read more and to find details of the best local teacher for you, please visit the official ThetaHealing™ New Zealand website:

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