Infant Colic
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Infant colic is a term used to describe bouts of extreme and frequent crying in otherwise healthy babies, with no discernible reason. There is no commonly accepted explanation for colic, but the condition usually only last for the first few months after birth.


Causes of infant colic 

Infant Colic | The Wellness DirectoryColic usually begins a few weeks after birth and can continue for 3-4 months. The condition is not harmful nor is there any evidence to suggest it will cause long-term health problems and a baby should continue to feed and gain weight normally.

What causes colic remains unclear but experts suggest indigestion and wind are contributory factors. Other explanations for colic include an immature gut, sensitivity to lactose (a natural sugar found in breast and formula milk) or a sensitivity to cow's milk. Smoking whilst pregnant increases the risk of a baby developing colic.


Symptoms of infant colic

The main symptom of colic is persistent and intense crying. A baby will become red faced and flushed and comforting them will be of little help. The baby will often double-up by drawing their knees to their chest and arching their back. They will also clench their fists tightly.

Sleeping and feeding is usually disrupted by colic and the baby may pass wind if the crying is intense.


Diagnosis of infant colic

If your baby appears healthy but is crying excessively during their first four months then they are usually suffering with colic. The symptoms typically ease after 3-4 months.

If your baby is displaying other symptoms or appears unwell then you should visit your GP to rule out any underlying conditions which may be causing them distress.


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