Sexual Dysfunction
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Sexual dysfunction is the term used to describe problems with sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction problems include low sex drive, sexual arousal, pain during intercourse, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction can be caused by physical and psychological conditions. 


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Sexual dysfunction can affect both men and women and the causes can be physical or psychological. Physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hormone imbalances, neurological disorders, alcohol or drug abuse and kidney or liver failure are common causes of sexual problems.

Certain medications such as antidepressants or oral contraceptives can alter sexual function and libido. Pregnancy, or soon after giving birth, can result sexual dysfunction in women.

Psychological causes such as stress, performance anxiety, relationship problems, depression or past traumatic emotional events can all affect sexual function.


Symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Symptoms can differ between men and women. The common sexual dysfunction symptoms for both sexes are listed below.

Male sexual dysfunction

Ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction and loss of libido are the common sexual problems which affect men.

  • Ejaculation disorders – these are grouped into premature ejaculation (whereby the man ejaculates before, or soon after, penetration), inhibited ejaculation (whereby ejaculation is slow) and retrograde ejaculation (where during orgasm, the ejaculate is forced backwards into the bladder rather than out of the penis).
  • Erectile dysfunction – sometimes referred to as impotence, this problem results in the inability to attain or maintain an erection for intercourse.
  • Loss of libido – this is known as inhibited sexual desire and is decreased interest in sexual activity.
Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is grouped into four types:

  • Desire disorders – whereby the women has lost interest in sex or has a decreased desire in having sex.
  • Arousal disorders – a loss of sexual response from the body which inhibits the ability to stay sexually aroused.
  • Orgasm disorders – inability to achieve an orgasm or pain experienced during an orgasm.
  • Sexual pain disorders – pain experienced during or after sex.

Diagnosis of sexual dysfunction

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction then you should visit your GP in the first instance. The GP will attempt to rule out any underlying physical causes for your problem. The GP may perform a physical examination of your genitals to determine if there are any issues.

If the cause is suspected to be psychological, the GP will refer you to a mental health expert for assessment.


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