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Toothache is an aching pain localised in or around the tooth. It is commonly caused by cavities, decay, gum disease or the emergence of wisdom teeth.

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Causes of toothache

Inside a tooth is a space filled with dental pulp that contains nerves and blood vessels. When this pulp becomes inflamed (a condition known as pulpitis) it causes pain. Inflammation of the dental pulp occurs through problems such as:

  • Tooth decay – dental decay causes small holes (known as cavities) in the hard enamel surface of the tooth
  • Tooth fracture – a crack in tooth
  • Fillings – loose or broken fillings can cause pulpitis
  • Receding gums – gums that pull back from the tooth can leave softer, sensitive parts of the tooth exposed
Babies who are teething and children with new teeth can also experience toothache.


Symptoms of toothache
The main symptom of toothache is mild or severe pain in and around the affected tooth. Pain can also radiate out into the jaw, head and ear. The surrounding gums may feel sore and tender if an infection or abscess is present and pain is often worse when eating or drinking.

The affected tooth may become sensitive to hot and cold food and bleeding may occur around the tooth and gums. In severe toothache, or when an abscess is present, there may be swelling of the jaw.


Diagnosis of toothache
If you are suffering with toothache then you should visit a dentist. The dentist will examine the teeth and gums for inflammation, swelling and decay. If necessary, the dentist will use an X-ray to look for any decay, fractures or problems with the jaw bone.


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