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Live Blood Analysis
Getting sick is part of a normal immune response, what’s important is how efficiently and effectively our body deals with this attack. Recurrent illness or chronic illness such as infections ongoing coughs and constant exhaustion may be a sign of a fatigued under-functioning immune system.
Natural Alternatives to HRT
There are numerous studies that have illustrated the dangers associated with HRT, fortunately there are safer, effective options available.
Are your hormones making you fat?
We all know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are a vital part of keeping fit and trim, but what if you find it difficult to lose weight, regardless of how well you eat and how much exercise you do?
Manage Stress in Moments
Do you have moments of sudden stress, irritation, anxiety or sadness in the midst of a busy, changing world? How do you handle it? Here are some simple, practical techniques that deserve to be more widely known.
How to Avoid Gardener's Ache
The 3 P's in avoiding gardener's sore muscles after a busy weekend inthe garden.
Ayurveda's Longevity Secrets
Gerald Lopez shows how ancient Ayurvedic knowledge can help us slow the aging process.
Why Ayurvedic Massage?
Gerald Lopez explains how Ayurvedic massage could be a profoundly beneficial part of any holistic health plan
Qigong- Precious Oriental Gift
Flying Bird Qigong's easy to learn exercises are useful for people of all age, now being taught in Auckland.
Bowen Therapy for Migraines
Bowtech, the original Bowen Technique, has many many beneficial effects. If you are suffering from Migraine headaches, this one is for you!
The Journey or the Destination
The running season is upon us,
and with this come the usual aches
and pains associated with repetitive