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Cleanse away your sins....
Does your liver need a helping hand?
Summer Sports means Sports Massage
We look at effects of training and how massage can help you gain better performance and avoid injury.
The Forgotten Factor to Health
Recent medical studies have certainly revealed that one of the major contributing factors to what are known as diseases of affluence, is lifestyle, and from this the best solution to health issues is a lifestyle change. In general, the remedy is to prescribe a regime of diet and exercise. Even if the person turns to natural or alternative treatment, generally somebody or something is doing something to the patient. The missing factor is self-responsibility and that is an attitudinal change.
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Benefits
Do you want to feel healthier, more balanced and less stressed? Do you want to have more energy, vitality and get back your joie de vie?

Have you considered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?
Reducing Cardiovascular Risk through Diet and Lifestyle
Cardiovascular Risk is more than your genetics family history and age. Although these are factors you cannot change altering the way your eat, sleep, manage stress and exercise can reduce your risk and even reverse heart disease. " The doctor (Naturopath) of the future, will give no medicine, but will interest his (her) patient in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
10 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Personal Trainer
If you're consistently bored and unenthused by your own training schedule, you will always find excuses NOT to push yourself or even turn up at all! Removing the thinking and procrastination from your fitness routine breathes new motivation into your workouts - this is where cost-effective personal training can help.
Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
PCOS is a complex condition that is located in the reproductive system, involves the endocrine system,
but is primarily a metabolic condition
Hormonal Acne
Acne is generally thought to affect teenagers, but up to 54% of adult women and 40% of adult men suffer from acne.
Do you leap out of bed ready to face the day ahead, taking all that life throws at you in your stride? No? Well you’re not alone -
Maternal changes during pregnancy
Faced with the joy of pregnancy and the anticipation of the new life, we tend to pay scant attention to the physiological miracles occurring within, believing nature will take care of it. But a woman's body changes significantly during these 40 weeks and research shows, many natural treatments can make the journey much easier.