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Breathe Easy
The most interesting thing about our breath is that it supports everything that we are and do. So it would be a logical step to focus on the way we breathe, and whether it is efficient and productive. Just as we train our bodies in the gym, why not consider exercises that encourage greater awareness of our breathing patterns. We can then introduce movement into the equation, so that movement and breathing become more synchronised, functional and efficient.
Case Series - Side Lying Traction and Mobilisation
The purpose of this case series is to introduce a mobilisation procedure suitable for acute lumbar pain. It appeared to be effective in the treatment of eight of the nine patients. The series follows a single case study using the same technique (Parker 1999). The author has used this mobilisation technique successfully with many similar patients over a period of 10 years.
Side Lying Traction & Mobilation for Acute Unilateral Low Back Pain
The purpose of this case study is to introduce readers to a new procedure for acute lumbar pain which was particularly effective in the treatment of this patient, a young clerical worker who had a sudden onset of severe radiating lumbar pain after twisting her back.
Taoism: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World
Centuries ago, Taoist sages in ancient China understood the workings of the Universe, and knew how to look after their physical health, wealth and happiness. By studying nature they saw that a human being was a miniature of the universe, and that by learning to harmonize and balance the forces of nature within themselves they could grow old and stay healthy. Over time, they directed their consciousness inwards and developed a number of practical techniques with which to do so.
Healing – are you using the right tools for the job?
If you are looking for ways to get well, you just have to have the right tools. No matter how hard you try or how strong your intention is, if you don’t have the right tools, you’re just not going to get the job done. And that leaves you feeling like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall, which of course is not a pleasant experience…
Why symptoms and pain may be a good thing
As you start to investigate yourself and become more aware at a mind-body level, what will be revealed to you are the behaviours and habits you have set up during your life which it turns out are not particularly beneficial.

These include things like putting everyone else first, ignoring your feelings, being a perfectionist, working too hard, driving yourself into the ground, seeking approval, putting yourself down…
Massage and Pregnancy
Massage and Pregnancy.
What to expect.
Why Have a Massage
What massage can do for you.
What is Metabolic Syndrome and why does it contribute to cardiovascular disease?
Approximately 1 in 4 Australians have Metabolic Syndrome. New Zealand would have similar statistics. Metabolic Syndrome is more prevalent with increasing age affecting 50% of adults aged 60 or over. It is more common in men.The prevalence has increased significantly over the past decade in adolescents, being > 30% of overweight teenagers. These are alarming numbers as Metabolic Syndrome increases the risk of Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes 4 fold.