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How do we know what is right for our body? article image
How do we know what is right for our body?
Have you ever heard the phrase: “Eat and drink what you feel is right for your body”?

I suspect most people are unclear about the effect certain foods and drinks have on them, and therefore what food or drink is okay and what is not. Some may feel a tummy ache after eating, for example, or have a headache or a stuffed nose or feel bloated, but do they relate that to a food they have just eaten or a drink they have just drunk?
Endometriosis is not a life sentence. Naturopathic medicine to restore hormonal harmony article image
Endometriosis is not a life sentence. Naturopathic medicine to restore hormonal harmony
Female hormonal conditions are challenging, often complex and can have a significant impact on quality of life and associated with greater psychological disturbance including depression, anxiety, aggression and a lower degree of both life and sexual satisfaction. Endometriosis is one of the hormonal conditions that respond well to Naturopathic and functional medicine. Sheena Hendon tells more.
Sugar, Exercise & Obesity - Let's Get Real article image
Sugar, Exercise & Obesity - Let's Get Real
What is the cause of our rising obesity rates – is it junk food and sugary drinks, or overeating generally and lack of exercise? Or is there a deeper reason – our relationship to eating and exercise?
Exercise For Weight Loss - A Myth? article image
Exercise For Weight Loss - A Myth?
Since 1980 obesity has doubled worldwide, with about 13% of the global population now registering as obese, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is estimated that being overweight or obese is responsible for 5% of global mortality, and physical inactivity is rising. In addition, being overweight is a contributing factor in non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and these have all risen exponentially over the last 20-30 years.
Conversations and Relationships article image
Conversations and Relationships
The words we use carry meaning. It may take only one word or a single conversation to tip the balance from trust to distrust. Be mindful of your conversations and the emotional content you bring – either pain or pleasure……Are you sending friend or foe messages? Remember the words we use in our conversations are rarely neutral.
Acupuncture Without Needles article image
Acupuncture Without Needles
The theory of which Chinese Medicine is based on is many thousands of years old and can still be applied today, because we as humans have not really changed. Our environment has changed but our body-mind system has not changed.
Beliefs & Stress article image
Beliefs & Stress
As I deliver my presentations about Stress, entitled ‘Head Re-conditioning,’ I am continually reminded that the world in general thinks of stress as something that is happening to them from their outside circumstances. Their boss, their family, the juggling of life. However stress is actually the response in your body to all sorts of things including your thoughts, beliefs and reactions to both the external and internal stressors.
Top Ten Tips To Improve Digestion article image
Top Ten Tips To Improve Digestion
Have you ever wondered what happened to that delicious lunch you ate? Or have you considered how amazing your body is, that it is able to take the essential nutrients it needs from your lunch, digest it and absorb it into your blood stream and the cells throughout your body. AMAZING! Find Out My Top Ten Tips for your digestion....
Root causes of Thyroid issues & what you can you do test and treat article image
Root causes of Thyroid issues & what you can you do test and treat
One of the common complaints I get from my patients is that their doctor has diagnosed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or sub-clinical or clinical hypothyroid and popped them onto medication with little advice as to what could have caused the issue in the first place and what else they can do to manage or even reverse the condition.This article aims to provide this information. By arming you with the most probable causes you will be better equipped to reduce the symptoms and prevent further (or any) thy
Journey Into Adolescence article image
Journey Into Adolescence
Historically we have seen the impulsiveness of an adolescent both hated & applauded, their emotional unpredictability scoffed at and praised, and their vitality has been mocked or resented – so what is it that makes our teenage years so enigmatic??? – I think TRANSFORMATION!!