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Q I have chronic constipation. I only pass a stool once every 4 weeks. I have had this problem since I was a child. I have tried a lot of things and nothing seems to work. Everything I have tried have been nutrition related i.e probiotics, fibre etc. At the moment I am having aloe vera juice every morning (the recommended amount for digestive discomfort), a vitamin b tablet with breakfast and lunch. A mineral tablet with dinner. And after every meal I take 2 types of enzymes. And I take 2 probiotics each day (which is the dosage for digestive problems). And I have just started having a yoghurt each day that has probiotics in it. I am now looking to get professional help from someone other than a mainstream doctor. Any suggestions? I have just been told to check out a chiropractor, osteopath or dietitian. Would you suggest I go this way? Thanks heaps.

well, you certainly arent short of options by now! and we are all so passionate about what we do!
If you had some sort of impact injury when you were young before this started, falling off your bike or some such, consider some ConTact C.A.R.E, which specialises in unhooking old impacts, and, if it fits your situation would probably only take a session or 2. for a practitioner near you.

Otherwise take one of us up on some mind/body/emotion approaches.- dont let the choice overwhelm you, just go for the one that makes you feel the best when you read their blurb or website.

If you are in Auckland and do want to go the colonic irrigation route, I can recommend Ruth Kay, Colonic Boutique.

good luck
Answered by: Release Body Therapy and NLP Coaching;
Answered on: 17-07-2012;
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A Hello,

In my experience both personally and professionally our body is always communicating with us and a symptom in our body gives us an opportunity to take a closer look at what is happening in our life now. You mention that this issue has been on-going throughout your life? Have you noticed at any stage in your life when the pattern was broken or the symptoms eased slightly? Symptoms give us a label, sort of like an idea what is going on and then working intuitively with a practitioner you get the opportunity to delve a little deeper and get to the cause of what is happening for you. Please visit my website: For more information regarding Advanced MindScape, BodyTalk, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand. Best regards, Elizabeth.
Answered by: Elizabeth Marino;
Answered on: 14-07-2012;
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A Hi there

Thank you for your question and I am sorry for this on-going issue.
Constipation is a complex subject to fully cover in an email and I would be very happy to talk over the phone, without obligation, to see if I can help directly or help you understand more fully what may help you.

There would be no charge for the phone call, unless you needed more than 20 minutes, where a consultation would be more appropriate. Please look at or phone on 021 263 2859.

I believe I can be of some help to you and hope you will get in touch.

Kind regards

Answered by: Stillwater Homeopathic and Well Being Centre;
Answered on: 12-07-2012;
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A Hi, Sounds like you are doing all the right things from your end. We work with this condition on a fairly regular basis and treat it as a tissue strain on the bowel or abdominal muscles and or as a scar problem on the walls of bowel using a specialist deep tissue release tool called a Bodytool. If you need more information check our website regards Chris Toal
Answered by: Wellness at Work Ltd;
Answered on: 12-07-2012;
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A Hi, I use a variety of techniques,Bodytalk, Accunect and First Light Flower Essences of NZ, all of which look at the underlying issues relating to your problem. As each persons history is different I don't prejudge but look at each situation using muscle testing to ascertain exactly what your body requires to get back to optimal functioning. First Light Flower essences support the Bodytalk process and are a great help with emotional issues too. One thing you didn't mention was your intake of water. I assume you would have looked at this but some people regard tea and coffee as part of their fluid intake but these tend to dehydrate. I would suggest a glass of warm water (during Winter) half an hour before eating and at least 3 other glasses during the day. I would love to talk with you. I am in Auckland just over the bridge in Birkenhead. All the best with whatever you choose. Jeanette Shearer - Instinctive Health
Answered by: Instinctive Health - Jeanette Shearer;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A Hi there, It's great that so many people have answered your question with their unigue set of skills.

It tends to be with long term dysfunction it (and it seems also in your case) things definately point to the system that governs your physical body (your meridians) being out of synch / blocked from flowing.

You can answer this best.. What sort of sitiuation were you born into? Were troublesome things 'not talked about'. Were you encouraged as a child to just 'sort it out yourself' even though you didn't know how to..? Meridian blockages in the abdomen point towards; feelings of lack of nuturing from those closest to you, not finding it easy to give yourself nuturing care.. that sort of thing.

A great way forward is to seek someone who is trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (they have to train a MINIMUM of 5 years) or something similar to The Reconnection / Universal Balancing. These are likely to address far beyond just the physical problem and make in-roads into the lack of free-flow you are feeling. If you want to talk further about this (I am in Tauranga so I'm not doing this to get your business) to find a good direction for you - I welcome you to email me. Warmest regards Stef
Answered by: Right For Life Massage & Energy Centre;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A To answer the question adequately, a full consultation would be needed. From an ayurvedic viewpoint, constipation is due to a disorder of the function of movement - this function is called Vata. Vata, when imbalanced, expresses as coldness, dryness, roughness, and irregular movement. Aloe juice is quite cooling, and therefore not recommended in the long term. The ancient practice of enemas could be a solution. The use of water, as in colonic hydrotherapy, can cause dryness if used excessively. In Ayurveda, oils are used, because they are lubricating and nourishing, and have a direct effect on the nervous system. Ideally, a course of alternating enemas of herbal decoctions and herbal oils would be pursued, plus other diet,lifestyle and herbal prescriptions to balance Vata.
Answered by: Science of Life;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A Chronic constipation is a very serious issue; it looks like you have been taking all the right supplements to try to overcome this issue.
4 weeks without passing must feel terrible every day....and I sympathise with you. If I did not know better I would ask if you are not pulling my leg!!!! However in the event that you are in such a strife, have you had a physical check up to see if there are any obstruction or narrowing of the bowel? Have you had a colonoscopy to see the state of your bowels? Have you ever had a stool sample tested to see what actually are your stools made of? Have you had a blood test to check on your metabolism?
One thing that I would be interested to know is when did you start having such a problem? What was going on in your life that triggered your metabolism to react in such a way? One thing you did not mention is what is your lifestyle? How much water do you drink a day? How much exercise do you do daily/weekly? All these things do assist in alleviating the issue that you are faced with. What is the quality of your stool when you pass it? Is it hard, soft, what colour, what odour?
Stool habit varies with each individual. What was your norm before you became chronically constipated? Are you taking any medications that could make you constipated?
Constipation is a vast topic......and yes you can try all the modalities you have named into your question. One need to try all avenues, as we are all individuals and what works for one, does not necessarily works for the other....
At first glance, I think you need some type of balance within your Governor Meridian and your Conception Meridian as well as a balance between your Cerebellum Pole and your Metabolic Pole. This said, I am now also working with NutriPuncture , which is a nutrition at the cellular level working on the very things (among other things) I have written in this paragraph.
I also work with Bowen Therapy thus assisting the person in resolving any inconveniences the body produces. This again works on body balancing without having to take any other nutrients.
I hope this will answer some part of your question.
Should have more questions please feel free in contacting me.
Answered by: Holistic Health Therapies Ltd - Hamilton;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A As this has been ongoing since 3years of age I would agree that investigating any neural interference to the gastrointestinal tract would be a good start. chiropractor or osteopathic adjustments would help here. Another reason for GIT dysfunction can be through vagal nerve entrapment a key component of a retained Fear paralysis reflex. The activity of the stomach determines to a large degree the activity of the successive GI activity and should be addressed early on. My suggestion would be to find a chirractor that also does applied kinesiology so that you can get a much wider look at this complex issue. again the fbre water approach may give you results but you would be best to find someone that will be able to investigate this from varus angles. But as it is from 3years of age I would suspect neural inter fence and especially vagal nerve entrapment. Best of luck with your pursuit for hrealth. Michael
Answered by: Health-Performance Chiropractic - Hamilton;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A Consider what is going on for you mentally or cognitively. Ask yourself and reflect upon "What is it that I feel uncomfortable about letting go of?" Old relationships? A stifling job?
Then ask yourself and reflect upon "What new things can I bring into my life to revitalise me?" Holiday/vacation? New relationships?
For further information on how this could work for you I'd recommend reading the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L Hay.
Kind Regards, Hayden
Answered by: Hayden Oswin - Counsellor & Celebrant;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A Although herbal, homeopathic and other recommendations are very good and effective, i recommend you have a course of colonics done. the frequency of your bowel movements is too far apart and the toxins reabsorbed into your bloodstream. I recommend a Nutritionist rather than dietician, to assist with balance and repair of your digestive system. Other than that, then mind connection as outlined in Caitlin's answer needs to be addressed. Kindest regards Inga von Benzon
Answered by: Holistic Health Naturopathic Clinic;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A Chiropracters, osteopaths or dietitians are all great options at ths point.Yoga may also be helpful.
Magnesium tablets or liquid could also help offer some relief as magnesium is a muscle releaxant.
As I work on the mind body connection I would also look at this question: what are you not willing to let go of? What "crap"in your life are you still clinging to?
These questions may help to shift your thinking. I realise that you have had this problem since you were a child so also look at the bleiefs that you were raised with and see if they really fit with how YOU want to live your life.
Here is a short EFT script for you to tap along to and see if it helps at all.
Start tapping on the sie of the hand at the base of the little finger on the outside edge (Karate chop point or KC) even though I have had this issue for a long time, in fact I can't remember a time when I was regular, I am willing to let go of all that no longer serves me because I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I cant remember a time when I was relaxed enough to be regular I am willing to change because I love myself.
EB ( Inside edge of the eyebrow by the nose) I choose to release all this from my life
SE (outside edge of eye) I lovinginly rlease all this stuff from my life
UE ( Under eye on the bony ridge) I allow myself to become more regular each day
UN ( Under nose) I love myself
Chin ( between the bottom lip and the chin) I open and relax to the flow of life.

Normally a tapping sequence would be much longer and for your emotions and I hope this helps somewhat.
Caitlin Grace
Wellbeing Coach
Answered by: Caitlin Grace Wellbeing Coach;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A I would recommend NES Health and SCENAR therapy based on bio-energetic and informational medicine. Both therapies work on peeling back the layers to find the root cause of an issue. When examined from a bio-energetic view point, we would be asking why are the cells not doing their job, what information are they lacking that is causing the breakdown in the bio-chemical process they are designed to carry out; can we supply the energy and information to restore or improve the process. If you would like to find out more please visit Best wishes Jan
Answered by: BEYOND HEALTH;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A It is always difficult to answer questions without a proper consultation, because there are so many questions we need to ask. There can be many causes for chronic constipation, one of which could be stress. For example, it is possible that this condition could have started in childhood if that was an unhappy time for you, or if one or both of your parents were under considerable stress. Stress reactions from those early years can become habituated.

BodyTalk philosophy is that your body knows how to heal itself, but currently something is stopping that process. Many holistic therapies like BodyTalk look at the cause of the condition, not just the symptom. Why did this issue arise in childhood and what can be done to eliminate the cause? If the cause can be resolved, the symptom can disappear. BodyTalk practitioners don’t diagnose conditions or prescribe medications.

I’m not sure which area of NZ you live in, but if there is a BodyTalk practitioner nearby, they could do a full consultation, look at any issues and encourage your body to move from stress mode to healing mode. I have had several clients who have had digestive issues ease significantly after BodyTalk sessions.

To find a local BodyTalk practitioner

Best wishes, Janice
Answered by: BodyTalk for Health - Janice Harris;
Answered on: 11-07-2012;
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A For Chronic Constipation here are a few of my own recomendations:
•Fibre: Get more fibre or bulk in your diet. If this cannot be done adequately by diet changes, consider adding a fibre supplement to the diet
•Hydration: Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and fruit juices. Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily in addition to beverages with meals..
•Fruits: Increase intake of soft fruits like kiwifruit, pears, grapes which make bowel movements easier, apart from acting as laxative; these fruits helps in food digestion and cures constipation.
•Exercise: Regular physical activity is an important component in bowel health. Try a daily exercise such as the knee-to-chest position. Such positions may activate bowel movements. Spend about 10-15 minutes in this position. Breathe in and out deeply.
•Alcohol and Caffeine: Decrease alcohol intake and caffeinated beverages, including coffee, tea, or cola drinks.
•Laxatives: Avoid using over-the-counter laxatives
•Have therapetuic massage to help relax stomach and abdominal muscles.

Good luck from
Answered by: Bodyinsync Therapeutic Massage, Auckland;
Answered on: 10-07-2012;
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A At that level of constipation, your system will be very toxic. If you have had medical specialists rule out any structural component, then I would suggest Chiropractic or Osteopathic adjustment or a weekly abdominal massage to help bring back your intestinal tone and improve circulation to the bowel. A comprehensive naturopathic assessment would be the first step.
Along with this, I would recommend castor oil packs daily for 45 minutes for 7 days . This will help with any constrictions in your internal environment.
A course of colonics may be beneficial to help with the toxic environment as well.
Herbs such as slippery elm, psyllium and flax seeds can assist with bowel function and tone. Cascara sagrada is also a herb for constipation but for some people it can be too harsh and lead to depletion of nutrients.
All the best
Answered by: Donna's Wellness Centre;
Answered on: 10-07-2012;
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A I am a pranic healer and teacher and great results have been achieved with a pranic healing. Your condition is caused by an imbalance within the body. Go to my website to learn more about this modality. I work from home in Hamilton.
Answered by: Faye Taylor - Rainbow Mountain Therapies;
Answered on: 10-07-2012;
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A I have seen many cases where constipation has been relieved by chiropractic adjustments. If the nerves controlling the intestines are being irritated it can cause a situation where the intestines allow too much water to be absorbed into the body and cause constipation. If you gave tried as many nutritional remedies as you have, you should try chiropractic. Dr. Brents
Answered by: Road to Wellness Chiropractic;
Answered on: 10-07-2012;
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A Hi
Have you tried acupuncture. Traditional acupuncture can assist you in normal digestion and regular bowel movements.
Kind regards

A Assuming that you have had a full investigation to rule out any physiological abnormalities, then the way forward for you is certainly via a comprehensive health overview to Iidentify, from a holistic perspective, all the possible contributing factors to your distressing dysfunction. And address them as one package to restore normal function.
Best wishes
Answered by: House of Health Ltd;
Answered on: 10-07-2012;
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