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Q how much will it cost?

A Hello,

At Waking Life we do reiki and crystal healing sessions for $55 per hour session. Where are you based? We are in Wellington.

If you would like further information please contact us at or phone 022 0594808.
Warm regards,

Waking Life
Answered by: Waking Life Hypnotherapy;
Answered on: 22-08-2013;
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A Scoliosis has had successful results with pranic healing, one person learnt the techniques in a workshop and with self healing straightened their own spine, by attending a class and learning this easy to learn and do system would work out cheaper than paying therapists as ongoing treatments would be necessary. I am not sure what area you live in however if you need to talk to me I can be contacted through my website: I go around the country teaching this system and also work from home with my own rooms where my fee is $60 an hour. All the best. Faye
Answered by: Faye Taylor - Rainbow Mountain Therapies;
Answered on: 12-08-2013;
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A It depends who you go to and probably if it is in a clinic situation or not. I charge $60 for a session and that is for an hour.
Answered by: Reiki and Remedies;
Answered on: 10-08-2013;
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