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Q I've been diagnosed with being Asthmatic. I've never been hospitalised for asthma, I just find it hard to breath on exertion, when sick (cold) and in humid pollutant conditions. I use salbutamol when breathing gets uncomfortable. I have a cough that is frequent (at least everyday), so have started taking a preventative inhaler. The above gives you the background that I am asthmatic. However, my concern are two things (throat related). 1. I seem to choke on spittal, it's almost like it leaks down the back of the throat that sends me off on a coughing fit - the type of fit if I have this in public, I can also see people getting their phones out to ring an ambulance to start the Heimlich maneuver on me - or i get the disgusted omg look. This happens during the day and has woken me whilst sleeping. I try to run for a toilet to save embarrassment and incontinence, that's how violent the coughs are. 2. A really bad coughing fit, and reaction is when something like vinegar goes down the wrong way (and it can only be a very minute amount). I was attempting to eat a marinated mussel in brine when I breathed in and a very small amount of brine (vinegar based) went down the wrong way. This is exactly what happens: The violent coughing starts, I am gasping for air, my chest and arms feel like the nerve endings are bursting - almost like the sore phase of pins and needles. I vomit up alot of clear mucousy stuff, it feels like my windpipe is swelling and closing up. Breathing in is very difficult and can only be done in very small breaths and when I do I make a seal like sound that is very disconcerting for anyone around let alone me. Very very scary! I can breathe in through my nose, however on breathing out it feels like my throat has been stripped of any lubrication - swallowing, whispering (as you can't talk)and breathing sets the coughing off again. After the attack, I'm left with a very hoarse sore throat and drained. I have found that some greek yoghart is a little soothing. The attacks (violent coughing phase) can last anywhere between 5-15 mins. Any ideas what this is?

A Hello asthma sufferer,
The following incredibly useful information could be to your advantage. Your condition sounds distressing and you give a good account of it.
We can help.

Best Regards,

Dr.Wayne McCarthy ND
Naturopathic Physician/Ozone Specialist
Answered by: Northland Environmental Health Clinic; Answered on: 13-02-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
Answered by: Northland Environmental Health Clinic; Answered on: 13-02-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hi there.
This sounds quite distressing for you.
You've given quite a lot of information and I've got lots of ideas. However, we'd need to look at the Whole You. There will be dietary/nutritional factors as well as mechanical/structural issues. I take a holistic approach to getting you back in control.
Are you able to come in for a consultation?
Kind regards
Answered by: House of Health Ltd; Answered on: 12-02-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
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